Digital Marketing

$199 upfront & $199 a month

  • Weekly Emails, and 2 text campaigns per month 1k texts. Each additional 500 texts per month come at $50 per month.
  •  4 Emails per month to the customer list (once a week)
  • 2 Texts per month to 500 customers (this is so that we don’t overwhelm your customer base)


An account manager will work with you on drafting beautiful, branded email and text campaigns to be sent out every week. Targeting your customer base using behavioral parameters, we can market to them directly, enhancing click and conversion rates.

Our marketing is also topical, so we will tailor texts and emails around things like sporting events, holidays, and any other special circumstances that may affect customer behavior. Specifically target your customers and market to them using email, text and push notifications (requires app).

Additional Custom Marketing


Custom Flyer/Postcard


Custom Logo


Custom Table Tent

Custom video